About Me

I have always loved food and eating out from a very young age, my passion for the industry grew when I represented my school for national cookery competitions and began working within hospitality establishments as soon as I could. My family own a restaurant and it was always my ambition to follow this tradition.

I graduated from university having studied Hospitality Management, and since that time I have been fortunate to work alongside celebrity chefs and within high profile venues. However, my love of healthy living, eating and fitness accelerated from the beginning of 2010, and my initial ambition of opening a restaurant has now developed to a creating a chain of healthy eating establishments and products, in addition to opening wellness resorts all over the World.

In my final year of university I developed glandular fever which knocked me for 6, I was then diagnosed with mild Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and depression. The more research I did into lifestyle and diets, the sooner I discovered that yo-yo diets, low fat and high sugar, excessive exercise, insufficient sleep and being gluten intolerant, was the reason I was left with a distressed immune system and very little energy.

I realised that dieting or a ‘quick fix’ was not the solution and a serious lifestyle change was required to recover, with food being one of the most powerful tools in achieving this. “You are what you eat” and I do believe food is the biggest medicine, not only in treating the problem but in prevention too.

Over the last few years I cannot believe how much my life has changed. I am focused, alert, less bloated, sluggish and have energy to do everything I want to do, and best of all my immune system is stronger than ever. I believe (as cliché as it sounds) life is about living it to the full, doing everything you want to do and most importantly being happy and healthy.

The “70/30” principle is what I live by and what works for me – the majority of the time living “Paleo”. Occasionally I will indulge in food that doesn’t fall into that category (i.e. grains and more unrefined sugary treats)! Having this as my base diet I have not only noticed the biggest change in my body by the way I look, I have never felt healthier. My will power isn’t great, my extremely sweet tooth it my weakness and I eat more than most men, not to mention there is no food I won’t eat, try or dislike.  Overall following the illness I had, this modern day paleo lifestyle is what works best for me.

I am Co Founder of “Two Influence” London’s first brand influence agency – 360* management, bringing brands together to develop, engage and influence.  Everything from product and brand development, strategic social media consultancy, event organising and hosting to implementing modern day PR.  In August 2015 I launched “Co Fro – the UK’s first soft serve coconut frozen yogurt.  Free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar!

As much as my life is pretty hectic, no one day is the same. I believe if you love what you do, Monday is never a bad day! If you can’t find me in the kitchen, cafes, fitness studio’s or behind my laptop, then i’m with my friends, family and horse.

I am so glad the UK has finally caught up with countries such as America and Australia on food awareness, realising the impact and importance of health and increasing awareness to everyone. It is great to see the growing number of healthy eating, gluten free, refined sugar free, raw, vegan cafes that are popping up each month, not only in London but throughout the country. I believe this is just the start of the food revolution and I hope to play a part in the development and growth.

I hope you enjoy my blog and social media accounts, please feel free to contact me directly.

Love Tessa, LPG x