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Feeding post for World Breast Feeding Week

Just to follow on from my instagram post I wanted to share a little more & for anyone who hasn’t seen my previous posts or stories on this.. In an extended nut shell.. From leaving theatre we went into the recovery bay & she…

August 7, 2020

Nutrition Tips from a Weaning Specialist

Mary van der Westhuizen a weaning specialist & registered nutritionist has very kindly written this blog post to help with underlying principle for an optimum diet for our little ones. There are lots of blogs and articles out there on how and when to…

July 13, 2020
Blog Featured Pregnancy

Post Partum Body & Cesarean Recovery

Our bodies are all so different, you can’t compare yours to anyone else’s especially through pregnancy & post birth! These were a few comments I was told whist pregnant & since having her; “You will bounce straight back” “ How are you planning on…

April 20, 2020
Blog Featured Pregnancy

First month of Caesarean Recovery 

  Following on from my last Blog post talking about the initial recovery.  Over the last month I have found each day it really has got easier.  It’s so easy to forget that a C section is major abdominal surgery and it blows my mind that…

February 26, 2020
Blog Pregnancy

My Birth Story Of Clara Rose Kelly

I wanted to share with you my incredible labour experience which was via Caesarean section. For those of you who have followed my journey from the start you will know I had ‘planned/ hoped for’ of a no intervention, vaginal water birth.  After finding…

February 5, 2020